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Madi Mixtape Season 13
Madi Mixtape Season 13
Dj Benjah De Extrovert

354 plays | 339 Downloads

Ama Caka Ga
Ama Caka Ga
On-Ree Mr Fresh x Lyrical Pombe

70 plays | 24 Downloads

Mr  Right
Mr Right
Star Don

152 plays | 44 Downloads

Rastar Vuni Vuni

2151 plays | 1836 Downloads

Vuga Vuga
Vuga Vuga
Slim Shantal

506 plays | 326 Downloads

Mi Emu
Mi Emu
Aj clert X Captain soup

37 plays | 12 Downloads

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Lula Mark scoops big promotion at Arua Hill SC

The operator of Lula online television, a well-known platform in the entertainment sector of Arua city, Mark Lulua, has got lucky enough and scooped for himself a comfortable office in the fast-rising

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Wisetouch on the run,hunted by Sida Baby over 80k

Recently, producer Wisetouch was seen everywhere making noise about how he was planning to sue his counterpart Joshman Perfection over a one "Samantha" audio. We have been so attentive to he


"Show what you have achieved before yapping about me"-Ginuham to haters

It is always funny how people who seem closest to you pick up the knife to wound you. They all seem friendly on your face, but at your back, it is another story. If honey can catch more flies than vin

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J-hail sends heartfelt apology to Slaughter Man Di Panga.Does this bigin their reunion?

J-hail, the artist behind Barbarian Avenue, has come out via his Facebook page to write an apology that sparked tears from everybody's eyes. If you think you have never cried in your life, you sho

Celebrity Gossip

"Three songs, same name, What is going on in the Westnile industry?"-Promoter Bob

Westnile's most exemplary promoter, Bob, has via tone touch music come out to ask the artists in the region whether something is not wrong with their heads. These came immediately after the promot