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Alur's talent manager Cannan turns to farming

There is absolutely no doubt that the lockdown has reigned a big blow on many businesses and livelihoods with quite a number of them still facing closure. Whereas entertainers especially artists are b

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"You can stop my Arua audio from playing but you can't stop the musical beast in me."Keane Mackay Pilipili

Finally what Promoter Bob anticipated might happen due to the "Arua" name dubbed to various audios by different artists moreover at the same time has now come to pass.So we can now say that Bob is the

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Arua Centra Division performing artists emyooga sacco leaders in big trouble over 19.5 million sacco money.

Top leaders of the Arua Central division performing artists emyooga sacco are currently in a battle that might end in tears,if not well fought over 19.5 million sacco money.The sacco chairperson, trea

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"You don't know anything about music"Promoter Bob attacks Josy Joshua.

If words could kill then comedian Josy Joshua should probably have died by now.But I don't know if some of us would turn up for his burial since it's just a taste of his own medicine that cost him his

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Fedel Apass passes strong message to disorganized artists to stop blaming bloggers.

Properiator and CEO of Black Spider Music,Fedel Apass has via his Facebook page staged support for the bloggers, something that celebrities rarely do.We all know how celebrities especially artists alw