Promoter Bob in tears over hacked account as Muslims celebrate Eid day

Posted on Jul 20, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Whereas the Muslim fraternity is busy celebrating Eid day, promoter and proprietor of Town Beats Empire, Bob is in a state of total disappointment and frustration over his hacked Facebook account. Bob had last logged into his account yesterday at 1 pm, only to be totally dismayed and frustrated at 8 am this morning when he was denied access to his own account." It is the second time they are hacking my account. They even hacked a bigger account before. What do they want from me?" the furious Bob said through tone touch music. The promoter has also said that he has consulted all the experts in order to get back access to his account but all efforts have yielded no fruit so far. The mysterious hacker has given Bob an ultimately unwanted Eid gift, leaving everybody wondering as to who could have done such a serious thing to a loved man in the music industry. The public should therefore stand warned that the promoter should not be held responsible whatsoever concerning anything posted on the account as the hacker is being trailed.


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