Artists in the region do not support each other

Posted on Jul 17, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Over the past two weeks now, there is this bloody blame game that has been sweeping across the West Nile music industry. This group blames that and then this one point accusing fingers at the other. Music analyst and actor, Jeybee Pop Auden has through tone touch music also come out to say that the reason why the West Nile music industry is stagnant and least recognized is that those who have made the big names are not willing to help those who are yet in the struggle. Though by now this is no news to anybody's ears, it is to be food for thought, especially for the affected groups since the statement has come straight from the horse's mouth. Pop also pointed out that the artists are busy creating beef and throwing insults at one another instead of being united, a statement that is very evident and undebatable. Indeed much more needs to be done and is yet to be done to take the music of the region to a more desired and respected level.


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