DJ Popa blasts One Target over raising complaint about Westnile Djs

Posted on Jul 16, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Finally, producer and former DJ, Popa have broken the silence regarding upcoming artist One Target's complaint about the West Nile DJs. Two weeks ago, One Target expressed his disappointment through tone touch music regarding the DJs in the region who he claims are absolutely not doing enough to promote talent in the region. All was silent until yesterday when Dj Popa stood up for the DJs and staged a defensive reply via his Facebook page directed to One Target and the others with the same mindset." You be yapping around how Westnile Djs don't support their artists but do the artists support their Djs?" the producer posted. Despite his inquisitive post, it is evident that One Target's concern still holds magnitude since the likes of Fik Fameica and Sheebah are still seen topping the music charts of many westnile Djs yet nobody knows how they are being supported by these artists. This whole thing has now turned out to be a blame game between the artists and the DJs with no side accepting error. The best will only be achieved when the two parties work together for a better industry.


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