DJ Brizzy Norms sets pace for sleeping Djs to immitate

Posted on Jul 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Ever since the temporary ban on shows, discos, and even 'local dubbies', DJs have been rendered jobless with most of them regretting why they didn't master the art of saving during their glorious days. Well, this is not the case with Dj Brizzy Norms who is well known for skillful mixing of the disc and hosting various shows on Access Radio. The Dj who doubles as the manager of the energetic hitmaker, Hot G has now ventured into business and set up a cosmetic shop in Ediofe next to Moise petrol station. Whereas some people view his new development as due to lack of enough money from the Dj job, Brizzy Norms in an interview with tone touch music revealed that it has always been his passion to do business since childhood." I get enough money from doing Dj. I am into business because it has been my dream ever since childhood," he said. Brizzy who has a higher preference for West Nile music compared to other DJs also referred to his artist Hot G as a multi-talent who sings content and has big dreams. It is high time other Djs borrowed a leaf from Brizzy Norms to get out of the "cry baby" situation.


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