Upcoming artist Otix Mettedius tired of poverty,threatens to follow the bad way of getting money

Posted on Jul 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

It is beyond reasonable doubt that ever since the first lockdown, artists in the region have been in a state of financial imbalance forcing them to review their budgets since shows have been waived off to contain the pandemic. Those who were recently bragging with their own or even borrowed cars are now busy footing and begging for lifts here and there. Meanwhile, the ones who could give out dimes to every Tom and Jerry on the streets and party with all the hot girls are now nowhere to be seen.Otix Mettedius, an upcoming artist in Pcy's black people band has threatened to follow the bad way of getting rich since the humble way has failed to deliver food on his table. Though such is obviously expected in the current situation, his statement has raised everybody's eyebrows especially his family members who have revealed to tone touch music that they are absolutely frightened by what the singer might plan to do next knowing that money is the root of all evil. Not to be a victim,Otix's failure to exercise financial patience has got everybody alerted and safeguarded. But could this young man's plan B be as spiritually dangerous as what I am thinking? All eyes you Mettedius as we keep hoping that your option B leads u behind bars.


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