Producer Ambrose must Stop his kiddish Behaviors  - Nelly Pharm

Posted on Jun 21, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
West Nile as a region I must say is the best place to stay in of you're a fan of news as Ma'di subregion seems to be topping it from entertainment to Social life. As over the weekend, many music fanatics & lovers were adding a one or two voices to Mzee Vuni Vuni's latest vulgar audios either in support of it or condemning, Nelly Pharm took his Gun pointing at a different direction. Through his known Social media account, Nelly expressed his freedom of expression by attacking the Production head of the audios Ambrose of Liberty Studios for not being man enough & allowing such audio to be voiced by him. According to him, He has withdrawn his Respect for Producer Ambrose who is well known for Gospel musics. " The older ones gets so childish one becomes, I respected u producer Ambrose. Well known for Gospel music till he came up with that song Rubet Rubet  production by Mozee vuni vuni, sometimes money isn't the answer and it's so shaming that Paster couldn't say aword to muzze ur aparent.. U should take against step for apure legercy, cuz for sure this will contaminat  minds of those after u and even ur grandies we hope you reason with us" Part of his Facebook post reads. As it's our duty here at, we shall always keep you posted about how this saga ends.


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