"Mzee Vuni Vuni Should Respect his Age" - Promoter Bob.Ug

Posted on Jun 19, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
This weekend has ultimately started on a good vibe & gear for entertainment followers across Westnile & the world at large as this Weekend's trending story is coming from the beautiful land of Madi following Legendary Mzee Vuni Vuni's latest audio that is causing alot of uproar among music followers. With many music gurus adding their opinion & voices expressing mixed reaction regarding the song, Arua based Promoter Bob has among many followers of Westnile Music thought of adding his voice rebuking Mzee's creativity. Bob in his expression demanded to know why Mzee can't respect & his grandchildren as potrayed in his Rubet Rubet & gbrujala songs. "I suppose the song should be terminated & actually U.C.C was very right to bring in the approval of songs before releasing it to the public atleast such craps could be Scrapped off from Public domain since the song first of all teaches young girls and boys bad manners and on top of that the artist himself doesn't have talent" - Bob Said. Bob concluded by urging Mzee to come out & publicly apologize before the ethics Minister thinks of taking actions against him. Whether Mzee will apologize or not is what Tonetouchmusic.com website is super glued on


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