Two Westnile Audio Producers in a Bloody Fight over a song.

Posted on Jun 13, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
Ever since the Country went into second phase of the lock down, Events unfolding in recent times are more of strange as the fight between two renowned audio Producers in Westnile joins the bandwagon over who takes the bigger share to be recognized. According to Informations landing on the update desks of, two young Producers Paidha based Rham Pro of Cyclops Records & Arua based Ramz Pro of Bhig Media Studios can't currently see eye to eye after intrigue involved in the production process of Madrisopa Audio, a song done by upcoming Vocalist & juicy Martha Lovey. According to reliable informations obtained, Ramz Pro's service was hired for the production start of the Madrisopa Audio in Town Beats Empire, before later being transferred to Rham Pro in Nebbi town for final Voicings, Mastering thus final release earning him the higher recognition in the song, something that hasn't gone well with Ram who initially started production. Following the release of the audio over a month ago, Truth that we can confirm is that the two are currently in bitter feud & not ready to face each other soon. Our attempts to reach the two for comments were however futile as our Calls went through unanswered tho we promise to follow up this story till the last drop falls & leave no stone unturned.


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