New kid on block quits music to comedy.

Posted on May 15, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
A NEW KID ON BLOCK QUITS MUSIC FOR COMEDY: Report reaching to our table indicates that, X-ray badblood has reportedly left his music career to join comedy store. According to him, he said music isn't giving him money as he expected when he was joining the industry. This is what he had to say in last interview we had with him before quitting music " I see more hope in comedy than music". and so he thought of other opportunity which he could inject the little money he has right now to generate for him good money and so he came up with the comedy idea since he was naturally afunny guy. BT according to what different people are saying including his funs is that. The reason for his quitting music for comedy shouldn't be that there is no money in music BT what he lacks is management to finance his music career and sell his talent far enough to attract audience and so would bring him the kind of money he always dream about. BT all we can say is that good luck in his new journey and wait to see the best comedy in his new career. We'll keep you posted on the next move.


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