Posted on Apr 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

NPK YOUNGBLAD IN DILEMMA; Arua's popstar Npk Youmgblad in confusion over his future in the music industry as he is uncertain whether to continue with his music career or not. According to Youngblad's family members in one of the interviews we had with them, "they aren't happy with him joining the music industry that the path he has taken is tarnishing their family reputation. And so they want him to quit music and get back to school and study to be an engineer, one of the rich families offered him 5M to start up another business". BT according to YOUNGBLAD he said he's passionate about his music career and continued by saying though other family members aren't in his support, his parents are supporting him to carry on with his music career coz when he was still at school they were not supporting him and so when he has joined music and started registering some progress they want to stop him just because they don't want to see him going far We shall keep you updated on how it will end.

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