Posted on Nov 07, 2020
By Tone Touch Music
Ma'di's first music record label has yet again started recruiting new talents to join ma'di's oldest and biggest label Panga Music. This comes months after the label shutdown all its operations. From hear says the closer was triggered by Slaughter Man Di Panga, the CEO and lead producer's departure to juba for greener pasture and poor management/ unfair treatment of signed musicians by the people left to over see the label. The new recruitment kicked off on 1st, Nov. 2020. Slaughter went ahead to confirm the ongoing recruitment in a post he shared on his Facebook page asking fresh talents to record a short of themselves singing and post it on any social media platform, the post reads in part. "Do you want to Join Panga Muzik Government Take a video of yourself singing tag Panga music government post it on yo timeline Instagram twitter or send it to 0777042104" This ongoing auditioning is said to last up to 30th. November. However what isn't clear is whether PANGER MUSIC GOVERNMENT is also allowing other already established musicians or the label is only accepting fresh talents. Keep it to TTM as we are closely monitoring any other development from Panger Music Government and more.


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