Posted on Oct 23, 2020
By Tone Touch Music
It's months now since Ma'di's most promising by then, lyrically mature, vocalist, and farmer member of the most famous Panger Music LoveNard aka Ori Apati release his KAMPALA single which was expensively produced by Ugandan, East Africa's most celebrated Daddy Andre at Black Market Records. It all looks like the Kampala song was released to mute LoveNard or to breed bad blood between LoveNard and Mc Ambason a radio host at Radio Amani who is proving to be a trend starter of Ma'di. Since that time of LoveNard and Ambason Social media fight sometime in May this year Ori Apati whose songs could play more than five times a day on the giant radio stations in the sub region went so silent musically, his already released songs can hardly be heard on radio's in Ma'di not even on the streets from music vendors. Therefore many LoveNard's music lovers and including us at TTM of course however became so concerned perhaps wandering what could be the reason of his music not playing almost everywhere. A prominent music promotion Facebook page Yetunde Boys took it upon themselves to share a post about it stating that Ambason actually deliberately deleted all LoveNard's music from Radio Amani music bank. But when TTM under cover journalist tried talk to find out the reason why LoveNard isn't playing anymore Ambason who proved so knowledgeable about music fame management both locally and internationally Said, "Music is a industry full of discipline and anyone who proves indiscipline will always get eliminated automatically" When asked whether he is responsible for LoveNard's silence. Ambason responded. "Come on guys grow up, I am the Head of music at my work place but I have nothing to do with LoveNard's floppy music career, His recent careless post's on Social Media, too much Pride and undervaluing key players might be what is killing his career" I am highly qualified practitioner with rich experience to do such a cheap thing for a brother like LoveNard. I advice him to throw away pride and get back to the drowning board note important players in the game, and finally stop posting meaningless posts on social media then pick up from where he left Otherwise this industry has got tight competition now compared to how it was 2years back". Ambason added. It should be noted that there was rumours that LoveNard, Young Bizzo and Boogie Moo all got signed to Canadian based Sea Promotions that is being owned by Benjamin Wani whose name featured in almost all Wise DG. Therefore expect any comeback from the talented LoveNard although we are not yet in light with the terms of what seems to be a juicy contract.


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