Am The Only Hope For Northern Uganda Musicians To Move Out Of Poverty - Bosmic Otim Speak Out

Posted on Sep 01, 2020
By Tone Touch Music
Being the only Northern Uganda top musician who is close to the President of the country, HE President Museveni, Bosmic Otim says he is the only hope for Northern Uganda musicians to move out of poverty. He is ready to unify Northern Uganda musicians. The singer turned politician Otim William aka Bosmic Otim expressed this during the first developmental meeting that aims to bring unity, solidarity, and togetherness in the Northern region entertainment industry which was held on Saturday at Da Covenant, Gulu. According to Jol Pwoc singer, they went and had a round table talk and found out that they were the one trying to lead fellow musicians in the wrong path and saw that at the moment each and every musician knows his/her capacity in the level in music and knows where to stand of which he asked every musician to stop the fight against each other that he or she is bigger than the other because is not taking them anywhere. "I have come as the only hope, I'm the hope of musicians, as musicians hope, I should be a good example because previously we were trying to show a bad examples to musicians. We were trying to block other musicians future in the industry, we went and sat down with fellow artists and found out that at the moment each and every artist knows his or her capacity in the level of music and stand. The fights among us that am bigger than someone didn't help us instead it was bringing us down." Said Bosmic Otim. He also went on and called upon H.E President of Uganda that as Northern Uganda entertainment family, their door is open for anyone who will speak the rightful language which musicians understand and they are ready to work with anyone who comes either Bobi Wine or President Museveni. He urged Northern Uganda musicians to stop welcoming petty money which will not change their lives from politicians during this campaign season. He concluded that it must start now for musicians who want their future and the future of their children to be bright and have good lives.


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