Reflecting on the presidential address: Concerts to remain closed:What is next for the entertainment industry?

Posted on Sep 23, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
Yesterday was an eagerly awaited day for all the categories of citizens whose livelihoods still remained under closure.Whereas majority of the groups departed very happy since their livelihoods were eased,all did not go well with entertainers especially the artists as their anxiety turned to fury at the end of it all.The president has decided that concerts remain closed,saying that they tend to congregate large numbers and are difficult to control.However,places of worship which we all know also gather quite a have been opened,though restricted to 200 worshippers at a time. Can't concerts also be restricted to a certain number of vibers with strict adhererance to the S.O.Ps? What is the difference in congregating at a place of worship and congregating in a concert? Everybody can now understand that the future of entertainment especially in our region Westnile is continuously blurry.Our entertainers are getting poorer and poorer and drowning in debts due to the situation yet no solution is being chanted forward.It is high time we thought about rebranding our art under one umbrella as a region and marketing ourselves to the world through net.This is not really what we are used to but it's just the suggestion of the new normal.It is the only way to save our heritage as Westnile. -One Target-


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