A.city music crew official Promoter Nelly Bwoy ug warns proud celebrities to stay away from his inbox as awards draws near

Posted on Sep 21, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
Finally, time is nearing for Westnile end of year awards which are given to the celebrities in different categories.The distribution of these awards seems to yet again going to create a fuss and comments that are uncalled for.But this time, A.City music crew Promoter Nelly Bwoy ug has warned these artists to keep their rat race in the quest for the awards far away from him.The promoter via tonetouch music warned these celebrities who are always begging people to vote for them like a dog begging for food from it's master and after finally scooping the awards they start to feel too big to even say a simple hello to never think about his inbox this time round because he definitely won't help anyone of them.Nelly said that in the awards of last year, these celebrities used him too much to solicit for votes and yet in the end he didn't benefit even an ounce from it.They all decided to feel ahead of the pack so they should this time leave his inbox alone and continue minding their own business just as they did before the awards.


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