Panga P's electronic shop stormed by thieves,items worth 3.5 million stolen

Posted on Sep 19, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

As we talk right now, an upcoming artist from Vurra Dubai Ocoko, Panga P, is in a state of absolute disappointment and frustration after thugs broke into his shop. On a sad conversation with tone touch music, the artist said that the incident happened on Friday 17th September at around 3 a.m when he sadly didn't sleep in the shop. He alleges that the ruthless thugs departed with smart and button phones, radio, solar, phone batteries, hard discs, memory cards, and flash discs, among other items valued at 3.5 million shillings. They also departed with cash of 730,000 shillings. There is no clue of the identity of the thugs yet and their whereabouts, but the police are investigating.


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