Wisetouch on the run,hunted by Sida Baby over 80k

Posted on Sep 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Recently, producer Wisetouch was seen everywhere making noise about how he was planning to sue his counterpart Joshman Perfection over a one "Samantha" audio. We have been so attentive to hear if any court session involving the two would eventually be drafted, but nothing showed up, to our surprise. It is no wonder because empty tins often make a lot of noise. Tonetouch music has been wondering why the producer has been quiet of late, only to confirm that the man is on the run for only 80k. I mean 80,000 Ugandan shillings that nobody in this country can even manage to repay. It is alleged that the producer has consumed artist Sida Baby's 80k and yet failed to deliver her audio, for which the money was paid. After failing to table neither the audio nor the money, Wisetouch has made use of his legs and run to a place so far and unknown. We seriously didn't expect such a big name in the industry to vanish just because of 80k. And now the worst of it is that Sida Baby has decided to hunt for this nigger with an armed gang that will teach him a proper lesson if he gets caught. If you spot this Wisetouch nigger anywhere, it will be of a good deed if you tell him to run to the Central Police Station if he treasures his life.


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