"Show what you have achieved before yapping about me"-Ginuham to haters

Posted on Sep 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

It is always funny how people who seem closest to you pick up the knife to wound you. They all seem friendly on your face, but at your back, it is another story. If honey can catch more flies than vinegar, then no wonder your success can change your friends to these hopeless flies that do not require more than making noise. Gino Hammy, who seems to have experienced the same scenario yesterday via his Facebook page, warned all the friends turned enemies due to his successful life to stop moving around, making a noise like empty tins and tarnishing his successful name. He has challenged these losers, which he termed frenemies, to show what they have achieved in their lives before spreading hate." You friends who keep running your mouths about Ginuham, you better show what you've achieved before yapping here." he posted. Let's see how many of his haters will show up and declare that their worth or else remain silent treatment in the mud


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