J-hail sends heartfelt apology to Slaughter Man Di Panga.Does this bigin their reunion?

Posted on Sep 14, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

J-hail, the artist behind Barbarian Avenue, has come out via his Facebook page to write an apology that sparked tears from everybody's eyes. If you think you have never cried in your life, you should get to J-hail's page and read this soul-touching apology. Tears will roll down your cheek. Tonetouch music brings you the words straight from J-hail that has got everybody making use of their handkerchief"Slaughter Man Di Panga, you are a great person that God has sent to me. I truly want to apologize to you about what happened in 2020 since that day I gave you the last phone call to tell you that things can't work between him and me. I fear to look directly into your eyes because we had a lot of plans, and after the plans turned to sad promises, the smiles we share these days are fake, not the ones of 2014. Papa, please forgive me from your heart. I love you so much am sorry on behalf of Barbarian avenue. "If Slaughter Man Di Panga does not forgive J-hail after such a heartfelt apology, then we shall conclude that he has a heart of stone.


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