"Three songs, same name, What is going on in the Westnile industry?"-Promoter Bob

Posted on Sep 11, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Westnile's most exemplary promoter, Bob, has via tone touch music come out to ask the artists in the region whether something is not wrong with their heads. These came immediately after the promoter cited three songs with the same title. Piliboy, Monopoly, and Npk Youngblad are rumoured to be soon releasing their tracks all titled "Arua", which the promoter said will do the artists more harm than good because it's going to do the artists more harm than good confuse both their fans and also the presenters. The fans will be asking for one track, and then the presenter will be playing another. This whole thing may even end up causing enmity between the artists. According to Bob, west Nile artists are now simply lacking titles for their songs, and he will not spend much time promoting such confusing tracks.


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