From well known slay artist to Pastor!Candiru Leila must be joking

Posted on Sep 06, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Whether this is the fact or just some well-packaged joke, it has not failed to amuse everybody in the region. About two months ago, singer Candiru Leila confirmed to tone touch music that she had finally quit drinking alcohol, which seemed like a mere joke. Thank God ever since her declaration, nothing controversial has ever reached our newsdesk. We recently saw her calling all the artists and stakeholders in the region for a meeting to address the continuous abuses exchanged in social media, something that we also embraced in good faith. But now, the senior female singer has yet again unveiled the biggest and most unexpected shock to the press.

" I have sinned enough, and I want to open a church on Giligili road called Recieve your miracle centre. Come to your Pastor Candiru Leila.

All your problems will be solved," she declared.

Yes, you have just read it right, and you must indeed be shocked! Who knows, the holy spirit is now seriously at work with this woman. At least you will not be surprised if Dj Key Pro surfaces as the co-pastor because that should now be self explainable. Anyway, Glory be to God!


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