Derrick Passy promises to kick Dj Key Pro out of Westnile music and Uganda at large

Posted on Sep 05, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
Westnile's senior blogger Derrick Passy has through tonetouch music vowed to take Dj Key Pro back to the starting line of music.Passy said that it was actually him who teamed up with Nelly Jr to bring Dj.Key Pro's songs on all platforms both online and in the mass media but he has resorted to grow wings and thinks that he has made it in life through music.Something must definitely have happened between the two parties or Pro has simply decided to take life easy and ignore those who helped him rise from his knees to his feet.Derrick has also said that he is going to make sure that he brings the "Oku ma suru" hitmaker back to the level where he got him from because he has the power to do so.He even vowed that he is going to do whatever it takes whethe physically or by any means to make sure Pro is kicked out of Westnile music and Uganda at large.This is what Key Pro's pride has cost him and we are now just about to witness his downfall.


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