Girlfriend chucks Vanmatic,marries young Sudanese billionare

Posted on Sep 02, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
If Vanmatic Pro's tears were to be collected and not left to touch the ground,they would probably form the first lake in Westnile.We have just seen that love is a good feeling but can also be a disease too.Well,what happened is that Vanmatic's beloved girlfriend has probably been snatched by a young rich Sudanese man who is showing her real money.After receiving calls from his close friends and also the friends of the lady who broke the bad news to him,Vanmatic was left with no choice but to lay his body horizontal in disbelief.He did not even give the newsreporters a chance to finish the news as he fainted immediately to the ground .Had it not been for his kind neighbours who rescued him with first aid, the sorrowful man would already be appearing before God for judgement.The oku eka who atleast everybody in the media knew at the time of the Van and V-Click war outbreak has finally proven that Vanmatic who recently branded himself to Vanmoney is actually not having money to take care of her by marrying this young Sudanese billionare who is doing business in Arua,Kampala and even Sudan.The worst part of the story is that Vanmatic is now crying like a cat crying for milk after the girl blacklisted himleaving him with no chance to confirm.The girl who is now in her honeymoon doesnt want to be disturbed.Let's hope that the man will not pick up a free rope and end his miserable life.


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