Candiru Leila calls Westnile artists for urgent meeting.

Posted on Sep 01, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Senior Westnile female artist Candiru Leila has called for an urgent meeting to chant the way forward to address the continuous abuses the west Nile celebrities are exchanging on social media. The artist said to tone touch music that some of the artists are actually parents who have kids and in-laws; hence, it's not good for them to engage in useless abuses. She also said that instead of artists focusing on supporting each other to achieve greater heights and build a legacy that will be remembered, they are busy abusing themselves, which will no take them anywhere, and something urgent must be done before the matter gets out of control. She has slated the meeting to be over the weekend, also to be attended by other stakeholders. Finally, there seems to be a way forward to address this long-term virus in the industry, and we are hoping that the top abusing participants will not scorn the meeting but rather turn up in good faith.


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