''JeyBee Pop knows only how to Stammer in Comedy Skits'' - Derrick Passy Responds.

Posted on Aug 31, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

This week looks to have started on yet another positive vibe & humor for West Nile entertainment actors & stakeholders as Jey Bee, a Skit actor with Christabella Comedies, expressed his feelings about the taste of the latest Music released by famously known Monsta Raga Python after gaining his freedom after serving 7 years in Prison. Through his Facebook account, Jey Bee said that the quality of music Python is releasing lately is so low & blamed the Team he's surrounded with for this, further suggesting that Python should use either Reshuffle or Suck all the members around him to Improve musically else he'll be doomed. These Statements did not at any point go well with The Media & Communications Manager of Monsta Family, Sir Derrick Passy, who is a well-known & Respected Blogger & I.T Guru in West Nile. After his brief post on his Facebook wall this morning, We at Tone Touch Media engaged him where he Wondered what JeyBee has really done for this Industry apart from Stammering in comedy skits, making it not only Boring but also below the Belt. That Boy is posting out of Urban excitement & he has no capacity to talk because he doesn't know what we have in stock yet. Python is just yet tasting water depth. So he should improve on his boring Stammers in Comedies instead'' - Passy added. With these arguments, we'll wait to see how this ends for the two.


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