Am The One Who Made Joseph Konye To Disappear From Northern Uganda Gen. Henry Tumukunde Said

Posted on Aug 13, 2020
By Tone Touch Music
Uganda presidential 2021 aspirant Gen henry Tumukunde claims he is the main guy who drive out Joseph Kony from Gulu Northern Uganda and seeks his current hidden place in Dafur Central Republic of African. Henry Tumukunde who recently launched a movement called ‘ Renewed Uganda’,said in a social media post that he is the guy who made Lord Resistance Army (L.R.A)leader Joseph kony to disappeared from Gulu Northern ,The General claims that by then when he was a minister of security,Kony just disappeared from Gulu & Northern Uganda when he heard that he was already in the region. “When I was a minister of security you had kifesi,kitabakazi,where are they?when I went to Gulu Kony disappeared”.. Said General Henry Tumukunde.


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