PLB nursing wounds after a man caught him red handed with his wife.

Posted on Aug 31, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

A-City music seems to be offering more comedy than recent music, providing really spectacular Kungfu scenes to make us laugh out our lungs and release stress. After their president Raddy Zicky provided his Kungfu at the Carnivore grill and pub in Ediofe where his wife found him cheating and beat him to zero like a baby, PLB, one of their crew members also this time round took his turn to entertain us by getting a beating that he will never forget in his womanizing life. The "Kilili" hitmaker used his"zamva ni bongo su peti koko" line in the song and decided to check whether a married woman with who he was flirting has actually won a pant or not. Unfortunately, in the process of checking for the woman's pants yesterday night at Oluadri in Manibe, he was caught red-handed by the woman's husband. The angry husband rained Bruce Lee blows on PLB, beating him beyond recognition. The report has reached tone touch music newsdesk that after seeing their friend almost at the point of meeting the Lord, PLB's friends decided to rescue him and give his life a second chance by rushing him to a nearby clinic for treatment. The world has since yesterday night been too small for PLB to hide, as the woman's husband is still hunting for him seriously to feed him with more blows. The entire crew of A-City music should be taken for a womanizing check-up to save themselves from further shame.


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