"Your name doesn't deserve you"Fedel Apass rubbishes Brave Saka.

Posted on Aug 29, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
The C.E.O and manager of Spider Music,Fedel Apass has publicly rubbished the big mouthed and open minded Brave Saka, saying that his name doesn't deserve him.This came immediately after Brave Saka who tonetouch music had earlier on published for attacking Quin G concerning make up made yet another post on his Facebook page attacking artists of Spider Music this time round.Brave in his post mentioned a bad comment about Fedel's Spider Music label artists, something that quickly aroused Fedel's response.Like a tiger caught by its tail,Fedel did not hesitate to attack Brave Saka,saying that the name "Brave" does not actually deserve to be his and instead he is not brave but just a well known Bomboclat who supports music because his friends and relatives are in the game.Fedel also said that Brave should stop saying trash about other Westnile artists regardless of tribe since we are all equal people.Braves post has seemed unrealistic since the likes of Brawta Wiggle are making big waves in Spider Music has this time landed him in hot soup and granted him the taste of his own medicine.


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