Candiru Leila could be dragging Lady Iren to court very soon.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

This week has been a week of threats between Westnile artists and their fellows with the word 'court' being the most mentioned amidst the threats. West Nile female artist Candiru Leila has also via her Facebook page sent a strong warning to Lady Iren regarding the latest audio titled"Chandi" The senior Westnile diva has confirmed to tone touch music that the "Chandi" single that has already been released by Lady Iren is actually her song and she is ready to drag Lady Iren to court if she does not recall the song and give them right back to her. Candiru who has been in the news probably for the wrong reasons has this time seemed very serious with her threat and may soon be going to court if nothing is done bout this issue. Whether it's the fact or this is merely seeking public sympathy is yet to be known.


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