Raddy Zicky found cheating,badly beaten by wife

Posted on Aug 23, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Yesterday, everybody who was chilling at the Carnivore grill and pub in Ediofe automatically got a free ticket to watch a live Kungfu action between Raddy Zaddy, the president of A-city music, and his wife. Raddy Zicky was busy side dishing and having fun with his side dish chick, only for one malicious gossiper to spot him and report him to his wife. All of a sudden, his angry wife appeared from the blue, and part one of the action began. His side chick who quickly saw his wife from afar took off and jumped over the fence, leaving Raddy wondering as to what is actually taking place. To his surprise, his wife landed on his neck like Jackie Chan and began beating him until he dropped unconscious. As we talk right now the man is still nursing his kungfu wounds in the hospital. The spectators of the wonderful live Kungfu were so amazed at the fact that it's now men who are being beaten by women nowadays. Though the man was badly injured, everybody was left with no choice but to laugh their lungs out because it was such a drama to watch. If you are planning to cheat on your wife you can go ahead as we are ready to watch another Kungfu.


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