Punkid joins Brawta Wiggle in Spider Music.Will they reunite as a duo again?

Posted on Aug 21, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Yesterday was probably the best day for artist Punkid as signing a recording contract with Spider Music label has finally reunited him with his friend Brawta Wiggle.Punkid and his long-term and dear friend Brawta Wiggle were doing doing music as a duo but were separated after Wiggle signed his contract with Spider Music and has since then been managing a solo career. The young and talented artist was all smiles yesterday when God granted him yet another opportunity to work with Brawta Wiggle after scooping this juicy music deal from Spider Music and fulfilling all that is required by the CEO and manager, Fedel Apass. While on a phone call with tone touch music, the happy Punkid said that more projects should therefore be expected from him and Brawta Wiggle though they may not necessarily reunite as a duo.


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