Director Steve Sugar pledges to support home talent

Posted on Aug 19, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Through the quality of audios has drastically improved in the West Nile industry with many quality studios and producers rising up, the artists in the region have for so long been battling with shooting quality videos to match the audios. For this reason, it becomes a story to tell when a video from West Nile is seen playing on any national television since the quality does not match the requirement of these stations. One of the reasons for this failure has been the lack of experienced and skillful video directors in the region, though it's majorly attributed to a lack of enough finances. Super rising video director, Steve Sugar has through tone touch music pledged his full support towards video shooting to raise home talent especially in West Nile and Northern region. The talented director who is the brain behind Freeboy's touch me a slow video that received massive play on local, national, and international scenes told tone touch music that it is the right time for the talent in the two regions to be exposed to the whole world, pledging all his necessary support in the filming sector. Whether the director is going to dish out free video shots to artists as his support or have them at reduced prices is what we are yet to find out.


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