Tune Sharpener expresses dissappointment over the continuous beefing in the Westnile music industry

Posted on Aug 03, 2021
By Tone Touch Music
This beefing thing has become a part of the Westnile music industry for sometime now even when everybody is aware that we shall not move an inch forward if this habbit continues.Interestingly,just of late,individuals who could be termed as patriotic for the region are now rising to make sure that this habbit fades. Artist Tune Sharpener has joined the list of those who are tired of all the beefing and disunity in the industry.The "bada"hitmaker has spoken his mind to tonetouch music similarly claiming that the reason as to why the Westnile music industry has over these years continued to stagnateand trail behind other regions is because the artists are busy beefing each other.He clearly stated that the big artists who have made breakthroughs are fighting hard to suppress the new kids on the block especially those who have come up with hits.Sharpener has urged his fellow Westnile artists who have made it to retrieve from this beefing nonsense and leave some breathing space for the upcomers who deserve more of support than hatred.


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