Pasha Amaro is busy having fun in Croatia amidst Lockdown

Posted on Jul 31, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Whereas the corona situation has turned everything in West Nile to be blurry with the future seemingly faded and unclear, West Nile female artist Pasha Amara is busy moving from country to country enjoying life and having a good time. For the last few days, the beauty was in Turkey shortly before moving to Croatia where she currently is and seems to be having a beautiful time. Upon the concern of tone touch music, the diva said that she is simply there to have fun and nothing else noting that Croatia is such a beautiful country with nice food including all her favourite dishes and if given the chance she could easily denounce Uganda and become Croatian without even a second thought. Though her conversation with tone touch music clearly states that she is there to have fun, all eyebrows are twisted a little bit with everybody wondering if "barter trade" is not involved since we all know that taking a trip to Turkey and Croatia is a very expensive venture. All in all, whether she is simply using her life savings or her "goodies" actually paved the way for her will be exposed to light at the end of the day.


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