Carlifornia based Westnile artist Lady Iren blasts fans who have called her faded

Posted on Jul 30, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Sometimes it's really devastating when the people who had shown you support all along start to do the opposite all of a sudden. This seems to be the scenario with California-based Westnile artist Lady Iren who seems to be backstabbed by her own fans who have now dubbed her a faded artist in the industry. However, the diva took to her Facebook page, strongly opposing this wrong mentality with a post saying that she is not a faded artist and that those who refer to her as faded are not following Westnile music because her song with Young Lemon titled "Suzanna" is still strong and booming. The diva also said that she actually does her music professionally and not just anyhow because she studied the music of the region and Uganda at large. She also expressed her disappointment regarding her fans who she says have been supportive but are now turning to something else and said that she is in the kitchen cooking a surprise gift for those who think that her time is long gone.


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