Kampala based Westnile artist Pizzazy questions disorganisation in the Westnile music industry

Posted on Jul 28, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

Upcoming Westnile artist Pizzazy who is based in Kampala has raised his voice to question the disorganization in the entertainment industry of the region in comparison with other regions. The singer has via tone touch music expressed his frustration about the whole matter, posing several questions that need to be answered by those it concerns."Do we have active musicians' or promoters' associations in Westnile? What are the musicians and promoters up to since there are no concerts? Do we have any representative to any of the national associations who represents Westnile? What are his or her plans towards the artists who are not working in the lockdown?", are some of the unfiltered questions straight from his mouth. Pizzazy also questioned whether the UMA President for the region, JM Kennedy is doing anything to help the artists during this time when they need him most or he is simply doing everything for his selfish interests. These questions should really trigger urgent replies because it is surely evident that other regions are ahead of us since they have formed a common umbrella for their respective groups unlike here where artists and promoters still live in beef and division.


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