"My man is not interested in loving you" Candiru Leila responds to Lady beats

Posted on Jul 24, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

A great and interesting drama has eventually unfolded between two beautiful ladies in the entertainment scene, Lady beats and Candiru Leila. It probably all started with a simple friend request sent by Candiru Leila's husband Dj Key Pro the king Power to Lady Beats who is a presenter on Access FM. However, her reaction has got everybody doubting whether it was just a request or more than that as she did not welcome the request with open arms. She quickly inboxed Leila, telling her that her man is looking for trouble by sending her a friend request. This message could have triggered a backfire from Leila but she played it cool and displayed a high level of maturity. According to her, she doesn't see any problem with her husband sending a friend request to Lady Beats and it doesn't mean that he wants to fall in love with her. What will come next may probably be described as disastrous because when two elephants fight then the grass surely suffers, but whether Lady beats is not really employing divide and rule policy in this matter is what we r yet to know.


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