Man Pato Da Comedian could be in big trouble for not clearing Ottix's debt

Posted on Jul 23, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

After launching a very serious threat that got everybody alerted two weeks ago, the upcoming artist and elder brother to Pcy, Ottix Mettedius seems to be turning the threats that seemed empty into reality. The poverty-stricken man is now chasing after his debtors as though they were his prey, with comedian Manpato being the latest victim confirmed by tone touch music. Ottix accuses Man Pato Da comedian of a show which he organized in Logiri before this second lockdown where he used him to perform alongside Coco finger but departed with only 20k and the balance unpaid up to date. The singer has also said that nobody should blame him for what will come next if Manpato does not clear his debt because he is already in another world. Though everybody is now wondering in which world Ottix Mettedius is right now, It is now clear that Manpato could land in hot soup if he does not clear this man's debt. Man Pato has chewed bigger than he can swallow and so he should be on standby because this could result in a serious plot since a poor man is always an angry man.


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