Hassan D'bigbrother and Mc Wizzy war: Is it attention seeking or publicity trick?

Posted on Jul 23, 2021
By Tone Touch Music

As the public is about to be convinced that Celebrated Access Fm based Events host, Hassan D'bigbrother is no longer at loggerheads with counterpart and former friend Mc Wizzy, yet again another fresh war details erupt; Mc Wizzy, through his social media handle, attacks Hassan and claims that he has partnered with one lady only identified as Perry to tarnish his brand image. While on the other hand, Hassan counter accuses Wizzy of conning some Lady worth 500k in the names of advertising her salon business in the pretense of working with the newly established Arua-based WestNile TV of which Tone touch Music has not confirmed any of the accusations. According to sources close to the two events hosts who preferred anonymity, there has been a long-time fight between Hassan and Wizzy. "These guys had a problem in 2019 over some Arua slay queen," said the source. He further added, "This eventually made their friendship come to a standstill". Although on several accounts they did come open clearing the air about it notably on August 2019 at Heritage Courts, the war never seems to end as the saying goes, "if Kandahar splits men, another Kandahar can only reunite them". This has left so many asking "Is it just mere attention seeking?" "Are these microphone gurus devising a trick for publicity" Absolutely No! The fire is very real and seems not about to be put off! What Tone Touch music has failed to understand is whether the beef is based on the Battle of "who is the best events host" or it's just a long-time fight over Kandahar? Your guess is as good. However, several screenshots of what's App chat have been shared by Mc Wizzy on his timeless. With several comments and opinions condemning his childish acts. Stay glued to tone touch Music as we closely follow how The event unfolds. The drama is not about to end any sooner.


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